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At First Lutheran Montclair, we believe in opening our doors to the community, embodying the spirit of hospitality and service. Our facility serves as a hub for various community groups, providing a welcoming space for diverse activities and gatherings. From support groups and cultural events to educational programs and more, our church is a place where our community comes together to thrive and connect. We are proud to be a source of support and fellowship for all who walk through our doors.

Rock Voices is a no-audition adult choir that sings ONLY rock music. Our mission is “healing ourselves and others through song”.
Studies show that the sound and sensation of singing in a room with other people works a special kind of magic on us all, including improved mood, focus, deep breathing, social support, cognitive stimulation, and more. Read on to learn how to be part of this amazing experience!

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To bring history to life through music!

To provide opportunities for adults and children of all ages, genders, or musical abilities and from any cultural, ethnic, or economic background to play music together.

To bring high-quality, unique performances to our community.

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Pushcart Players is an award-winning, professional touring theater company specializing in arts in education for children. A social profit organization founded in 1974, Pushcart Players brings substantive musical theater, workshops, educational programs, and residencies to young people and their families in schools, theaters, and communities nationwide.

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The Montclair Student Café Project

In association with the Office of Arts and Cultural Development, MRCA, Township of Montclair

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