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Ecumenical Youth Ministry Project

The ecumenical youth ministry project exists to create a space for young people to experience a
welcoming, supportive Christian community that affirms their full identities (including their race,
ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background), that enables
them to develop deep and meaningful relationships with their peers, and that encourages the
development of a progressive Christian spirituality. It is a collaborative effort amongst multiple
churches and provides meaningful opportunities for youth to lead and shape the program.
The ecumenical youth ministry project represents an innovative approach to youth ministry that
seeks to create a Christian community that is inclusive, welcoming, and affirming of various
identities. By affirming young people's identities and encouraging the development of a
Christian spirituality that they feel comfortable and empowered to express to the world, the
project is helping to shape the next generation of faith leaders who are committed to creating a
more just and compassionate world.
The ecumenical youth ministry project also recognizes the importance of community in the
development of young people's faith. Through a variety of activities and programs, young
people are encouraged to connect with one another and build meaningful relationships while
exploring faith together. These activities may include Bible studies, community service projects,
retreats, and social events that encourage the youth to put their faith into action in the world.
Participants are encouraged to engage critically with the Bible, Christian tradition, and
contemporary issues facing the world. The project recognizes that young people have unique
perspectives and experiences, and seeks to create a space where these perspectives and
experiences can be shared and valued.

contact our Ecumenical Youth Ministry Project Youth Ministry Coordinator, Christina Carter for more information. Email:


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